100% Financing

I can get you a loan in less than 30 days. Financing is key.

If you don't have a banker already, I have two bankers and they both have their strengths. If you have awesome credit, Sean Finch is really good. He can get you into a home in 30 days.

If you have a few credit issues, Melissa Puckett is good. The harder to get loans take 45 days, but they are still fairly easy to get.

Banker 1

Tell Sean Finch you are working with Burke Bennett for the best possible deal. Sean is good if you have at least a 620 credit score, he can close a deal on time every time. His loans only take 21 to 30 days. Sean Finch (208) 525-8778 at InterWest Mortgage, 1275 East 17th Street Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404. Leave a message on his phone that you are working with Burke Bennett, and he can prequalify you. Another good way to get a hold of hims is to email him at sean.finch@iberiabank.com. Sean recently wrote the following below.


Thanks for the referrals. Because we have our own underwriter for all types of loans including RD and IHA, I can close any type of loan within 21-30 days pending no issues with the appraisal. RD's automated system kicks people out with credit below 640, so 620-640 is up in the air if it will go through, IHA does go down to a 620.


Sean Finch

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By prequalifying, you will know what loans you qualify, for and how much home you can buy. It is important to know what you can do financially. Citizens Community Bank features in house underwriting, and so closing the loan goes quickly and on time.

1-Idaho housing financing: 100% financing with a 640 credit score or you need a 620 credit score with $1000 down.

2-Rural Development financing: You need a 640 credit score to get 100% .

3-FHA financing:With only $500 down, you can get financing with a 640 credit score.

4-You can still get 100% financing anywhere if you have at least a 700 credit score.

5-FHA financing: If you have a 620 credit score, you will need to put 3.5% down.

6-Conventional Loans: require at least 5% down with a 680 credit score.

7-Cash: You can close in a week.

8-VA loans: check with a banker for details since rules change often.

9Manufactured Loans-You need a 680 credit score for manufactured housing with 3.5% down or 620 if you can put down 10%.

Income and a 6 month job history or Self Employment of 2 years also determine how much you can borrow, and if you can get a loan. A banker can determine this for you and get you prequalified.

Things you need for a loan are

1-last 2 year tax returns

2-w2s for the last two years

3-last 2 bank statements

4-last 2 paystubs.

Banker 2. Also, Melissa Puckett

550 W Sunnyside Rd., Ste 11

Idaho Falls,ID 83402

Office (208) 569-1727

Email melissa@nfgidaho.com

Make sure you tell her you are working with Burke Bennett for the best possible deal. She is good if you don't fit in the typical "box" bankers try to get you in. The harder to get loans take at least 45 days. She can fix your credit high enough to get a home loan. She can shop your loan and do FHA loans with 3.5% down and only a 580 credit score. She can also go as low at a 530 credit score if you put 10% down. If your credit is awesome, she can close the loan in 30 days. She can also prequalify you to find out how much home you can buy.

Thanks Burke Bennett Broker of http://www.seidahohomes.com

Email the MLS numbers and the time you want to go look at the homes, and I will meet you at the home of your choice. burkebennett@hotmail.com I represent buyers for free. 208-589-5599

Leave a message and I will call you within the hour. Call to go look at homes.

Make sure your write down the Multiple Listing Service Numbers (MLS)