There are currently between 50 and 80 Foreclosures on the market.  The number of Foreclosures fluctuates daily.  I have sold many foreclosures over the last few years, and I can help you through the whole process.

Email me at for the current list of foreclosures since the list changes daily, or subscribe above and you will get an updated list every Monday.

This is what going on in the foreclosure market.

Banks will drop the price about $1000 to $10,000 every 30 to 45 days until they sell.  They first let people who want homes as their primary residence to bid on them first.  Foreclosures sell quickly and many buyers focus only on foreclosures.  Investors also focus on foreclosures because many of them are below market value.  There can be lots of competition when certain price points are reached.

Sometimes there are multiple buyers trying to buy a home so if you see something you like, we need to act quickly.  I have helped clients win the bid when there are as many as 4 buyers.  I can walk you through the whole process.

I have been through multiple scenarios and can coach you through the whole process to help you make the best decision.

Financing is key.  You need to get prequalified so your position with the bank is stronger.

Financing: I can get you a loan in less than 30 days. If you don't have a banker already, try my two bankers. 
I have two bankers and they both have their strengths. Both bankers can prequalify you.
1-If you have awesome credit, Sean Finch is really good. He can get you into a home in 30 days. You need to have a 620 credit score or higher.
2-If you have a few credit issues, Julz Kimbro is good. The harder to get loans take 45 days, but they are still fairly easy to get. You can get financing with a 500 credit score or higher.
Get all the Details about financing HERE
I can show homes any afternoon, evening, or weekend.  Foreclosures are mostly vacant so we don't usually need an appointment.

Call or Email the MLS number or address, and the time you want to go look at the home, and I will meet you there.

I represent buyers for free.

208 589 5599 Leave a message, and I will call you within the hour.


Burke Bennett Buyer's Specialist
Licensed Broker in Idaho 
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