Write an Offer

Do you want to write an offer? It surprises people, but it only takes 15 minutes and I charge zero, zip, nada, zilch, and I will represent your best interests.

I have all the paperwork in my truck, and I can write an offer on the spot.

My Real Estate Brokers License allows me to write an offer on any property in Idaho.

1-How much do you want to offer? (You can offer almost anything, obviously the closer you are to what they are asking the greater your chances are for getting it accepted)

2-Do you want the seller to pay your closing costs? (Generally they are about 3% of what ever you are buying and you can roll them into your loan.) I write up 90% of the offers like this.

3-How much earnest money do you want to put down? (Generally $500 to $1000 and you can make it contingent upon getting financing so your risk is non-existent. You get this back at closing.)

4-When do you want to close? (Generally 30 to 45 days depending on what type of loan you get. If you are paying cash, you can close in a week)

5-Which title company do you want to use? (Alliance, First American, Amerititle, etc. They all charge the same and do a comparable job)

6-Do you want a home inspection? (Generally they cost about $270. You don't have to get one, but it is recommended)

7-How long do you want to give the seller to give you an answer? (Generally most sellers can respond within 24 hours). Banks may take up to 3 days.

Every week I have practiced real estate, I have someone who finally gets the nerve to write an offer, only to find out that someone else has done so. So let's write an offer before it is gone. The best home in any price range will always sell quickly.

I can also email you all the documents if I have the answer to all these questions.

I look forward to working with you.

Thanks Burke Bennett Buyer's Specialist

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208 589 5599 Leave a message, and I will call you within the hour.

Email or call with the MLS number and the time you want to go look at the home, and I will meet you there.

I can show homes any afternoon, evening, or weekend.